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Ubisoft showcases Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay

Although fans of Beyond Good and Evil were blessed to see creator Michel Ancel wade through the development hell of its follow-up in late 2016, the title’s development was still at ‘day zero’ by June 2017. It looks like Ubisoft Montpellier has made quite a bit of progress since then, as a livestream from the publisher shows off some new pre-alpha gameplay mechanics.

Set in the same science fiction fantasy world as the original, players assume the role of pirates, making the use of airships incredibly important. Utilising one-person ships, players can roam around the map on their own or in groups, boarding motherships seamlessly to navigate room-to-room, defeat enemies and pillage loot.

This is paired with the use of jetpacks, used to navigate 3D spaces in a more precise manner and allow for a quick escape from a mothership to the player’s airship. It does look like the drawback to this is the lack of speed and perhaps vulnerability during combat, but this remains to be seen.

While the original Beyond Good and Evil was single-player-only due to its 2003 release, the follow-up prequel has many multiplayer elements planned. In order to keep the experience fun, the developers have crafted the Armada, ensuring that no player loses track of one another while in flight.

Shani is also properly introduced, seen in combat with three enemies using her signature staff. Behind the scenes footage shows the team using green screen capture to ensure her movements are fluid and evoke the skill she has with her weapon of choice.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in its early pre-alpha stage, but this new gameplay gives insight into the promised air-to-ground combat alongside significant progress in the development of the anticipated title. Players can keep up to date through the publisher’s Space Monkey Program, allowing parties to participate in helping the development of the game.

KitGuru Says: While it looks like the 15 years have distanced Beyond Good and Evil 2 from its predecessor, it is still looking like a uniquely designed world that will, hopefully, be filled with the same charismatic characters and storytelling as the original. Are you excited to see more?

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