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Google enhance search speeds in Chrome

Google have released information on a new search feature, which they are calling ‘Instant Pages’. This will give Chrome users faster connections to websites from links on search results.

Instant Pages will apparently reduce times taken with a search process and it will be included in the latest test version of the Chrome browser. The tool addon is based on an algorithm which will guess the link a user will click, and preloads that page in the background. This means when a user clicks the link, the page should respond much faster. Obviously if a different link is chosen then it won’t work.

Amit Singhal, a Google fellow said “Every time we shave even 15 milliseconds from the search process, users search more and more.” Indicating that users are an impatient bunch of people.

Google is fighting hard to expand their user base and they are facing increasingly stiff competition from Microsoft’s BING search client. According to research Bing gained a 2 percent overall search increase in May from 12 percent to 14 percent. Google’s share dropped a single percent from 67 percent to 66 percent. This is according to ComScore reporting.

Instant page is the latest software development from Google, after they released their Google Instant feature last year. This is an excellent feature which predicts the search terms and gives results as you type into the box.

Google also announced yesterday that they are releasing tools which allows the user base to search for information on a computer using voice commands.

Kitguru says: Google are working hard to maintain and increase their user base across all platforms.

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