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Lulzsec take down game websites including EVE Online

Lulzsec have been in the press a lot recently, targeting several high profile agencies. Their latest attacks this week have been aimed at gaming companies such as Minecraft and Eve Online.

LulzSec said they took down the Web site for CCP games EVE online and also Escapist Magazine. They also aimed attacks at monitoring firm FinFisher, adding on their twitter page “because apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some s**t like that.”

EVE Online was one of the higher profile attacks, with many gamers still playing the game online. They issued a statement “EVE Online and related services experienced an Internet attack. We have taken them down as a security precaution. The security of your information is of upmost import to us. We will provide more info as it becomes available.”

Lulzsec confirmed they were involved and said they “wiped out the login server for Eve Online.” while also taking down the web site for the company.

Minecraft developer Markus Persson tweeted “Looks like we’re back up.. I just hope it lasts!”

Escapist Magazine have yet to issue any statement but Lulzsec said they attacked them “with around 0.4% of our total ammunition,” saying they wanted to “see what their admins are made of.”

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  • Nick

    Why would they target Minecraft? eh?