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Grand Theft Auto V teased with trailer coming November 2nd

The gaming world is buzzing with news of a new trailer coming for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar games announced the upcoming game on their website earlier this week. They have now added a clock, with a count down to the release.

RockStar are being very secretive about the forthcoming title, with many sites guessing the setting and characters they will use. There is even some chatter about the game not being released until the next generation of consoles is announced, but we think the chances of that happening are slim.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been one of the most successful of all time, selling 114 million copies worldwide since it launched in 1997. The latest title, ChinaTown Wars, sold 22 million copies since 2008.

The first couple of games were top down shooters, and set the tone for GTA III which shook the gaming community when it was released. The open world 3D environment grabbed the attention of gamers and started a series of copycat titles from other publishers.

Kitguru says: Grand Theft Auto V is sure to be at the center of many discussions from this point in time, until the release date. RockStar certainly know how to build hype, although with the GTA franchise, they don't even need to try that hard.

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