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Multiplay i46 Discount Announced: Early bird gets nom-nom

For those of you who want to experience the very best that LAN gaming has to offer, there is only one choice. That choice is Multiplay and, from 24th to 27th August, the UK’s leading community will be heading to Telford International Centre for a huge 3,000 seat party. KitGuru pulls out a shotgun +20 and heads off to see if it can snag an early bird.

Having been at the forefront of UK gaming for more than 15 years, the Multiplay chaps & chap-esses know what they’re doing.

Top equipment, friendly atmosphere, loads of tournaments and a shed load of cash will be landing in Telford from 24th to 27th August at i46.

Sponsors do not make money from Multiplay events. If these guys were interested in cold, hard cash profits – they would stay in their offices and run promotions to take your wonga.

It's all about the community – bringing new product to market, having a laugh with all the gamers and giving away a ton of freebies.


It's all about the smiles.

Supporting Multiplay LAN events shows that you care more than other companies. At i46 in August, these companies appear to care the most about you:-

  • Asus
  • CCL Computers
  • CM Storm
  • Cooler Master
  • Currys
  • Dignitas
  • GamePlan
  • Iiyama
  • InWin
  • Jinx
  • Kick Energy
  • PC Word
  • QuietPC
  • RetroGT

Naturally, more will be added shortly.

Visit Multiplay for more details.

Join more than 3,000 like minded individuals and CELEBRATE YOUR GAMING ADDICTION at i46 this August!

KitGuru says: You might think you know about gaming because you play console titles against a sibling or drunk mate. You might even go raiding at 2 in the morning in WoW, but you have no idea how good it can be until you have spent 4 days under canvas – living on stimulants and carbohydrates – while fragging until your forearms have grown an inch from stress-training. Go and have the gaming time of your life at Multiplay's i46!

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