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PUBG Lite coming to Europe featuring a 4v4 mode and customisation

Earlier this year, we learned that PUBG Corp was planning to reach even more players across the world with PUBG Lite, a version of the game aimed at those with less powerful PCs. Similarly to the mobile version of PUBG, this version will be free to play and now, it is coming to Europe.

From the makers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds comes PUBG Lite, a low spec spin-off from the main game. Originally known as PUBG Project Tha, PUBG Lite has been in open Beta from January this year after launching in Thailand. PUBG Corp has since rolled out the game in several other regions and on 10th October it will be available for players in Europe and the Middle East.

Set in a warehouse environment featuring various buildings and shipping containers, PUBG Lite offers players a 4v4 mode in which four teams fight to reach 40 eliminations. PUBG Lite will offer owners of low spec PC’s and laptops access to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, albeit in a low spec cut-down version of the 100 player Battle Royale game.

PUBG Lite has rolled out pre-registration for launch in new regions, with users who sign up before 6 am on 8th October receiving a free M416 and AKM weapon skin. If you are keen to get in on the action, the game's launcher is available to download now.

Even though PUBG Lite is a low spec version of the main game, it is still said to offer the same core experience as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Four teams of four players go head to head in a deserted warehouse surrounded by vehicles and shipping containers, the team who successfully outmanoeuvre each other and claim 40 eliminations becomes the winning squad.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds includes an in-game currency (Battle Points) and event passes to collect in-game rewards including new items and weapon skins. These Battle Points are also earnable in game, so if you play often enough, you'll be able to get some new skins without paying extra. There is a second in-game currency though known as L-COIN, which is purchased with real world money and can be used for event passes as well as skins/costumes.

KitGuru says: have you been eager to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but not had the PC spec to play it on? now you have the chance to try it out on PUBG Lite, although it will be a cut-down version nevertheless.

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