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Samsung Galaxy Fold returns with design improvements but a new issue has popped up

Samsung has already been through a lot this year with the Galaxy Fold. The company's first foldable smartphone has been in the works for years now and was finally set to release earlier this year, until reviewers started to encounter design issues causing the displays to break. Samsung brought the Fold back behind closed doors to create some additional design protections but with the new and improved devices now rolling out, some new issues seem to be popping up instead.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold redesign now has additional caps over the hinge so that dust and other small pieces of dirt can't get behind the display. The protective layer on the screen is also tucked under the bezel now, so users won't accidentally try peeling it off. For some reviewers, these changes were good enough and solved the previous issues. However, in TechCrunch's case, a new issue came to light, as a small cluster of pixels died right where the phone folds.

Samsung does say that ‘excessive pressure' should be avoided when handling the Galaxy Fold. However, in this case, the pixels seem to have given up just from folding the phone, which obviously shouldn't happen.

Samsung is already investigating this issue and hopefully, it won't be a widespread one. After all, the Galaxy Fold is now available to buy for almost £2,000 and consumers won't be pleased if their displays are malfunctioning just by using the phone's main feature.

KitGuru Says: So far, this appears to have only happened to one reviewer but consumers are also starting to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold, so there will be a much wider sample-size soon. This could just be a simple case of one faulty display slipping through the cracks. 

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