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Battle Cry of Freedom has finally reached Steam 9 years after its announcement

Back in 2012, the developers of Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars DLC announced a game called Battle Cry of Freedom. This game has been in development for nine years, with developers giving continuous updates along the way. This week, the game finally appeared on Steam, pointing to a 2022 release date. 

Since its announcement, Battle Cry of Freedom has always been a very ambitious project, initially promising online battles pitting 500 players in 5x5km maps, historically accurate weapons, music, artillery, and uniforms, and destructible environments, the game developers have always aimed high with Battle Cry of Freedom.

The game is now listed on Steam, but it isn't available to buy yet. However, a vague 2022 release date has been made public. According to Flying Squirrel Entertainment, the developers of Battle Cry of Freedom, the Steam listing has been created so fans of the project can add it to their Wishlist and follow to access the latest information on its development.

Flying Squirrel Entertainment has been giving updates about the game's development since its announcement, but they have been less active lately. The game will include most of what has been promised, except for the number of players in a battle. According to the Steam listing, the number of players in a battle has since been reduced to 300.

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KitGuru says: This game has had a lengthy development cycle. Did any of you begin following this game after its 2012 announcement? Are you still looking forward to the game all these years later? 

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