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Halo Infinite devs will add premium currency to battle pass rewards

After promising to improve Halo Infinite's in-game store, Jerry Hook, the head of design at 343 Industries, has spoke out again to share some more details. Starting with the season 2 battle pass, players will finally be able to earn premium currency in-game, which can then be used for tier skips on the battle pass, XP boosts or various cosmetics. 

As explained in Jerry Hook's tweet, 343 Industries has been paying attention to feedback on the Halo Infinite multiplayer in-game store and have some further changes lined up. For instance, once Season 2 starts, scheduled for May 2022, the new battle pass will include premium currency in certain tiers. Like other battle pass systems, this likely means that dedicated players that complete the premium battle pass will be able to purchase the next season's battle pass for free.

Meanwhile, 343 Industries dropped an update on Halo Infinite this past Friday, reducing prices for bundles and items in the in-game store. Moreover, the developer will add individual items starting this week. In the patch notes, 343 also confirms that it is working on a fix for a recent bug affecting Big Team Battle matchmaking.

KitGuru says: Have you been playing Halo Infinite? Do you agree with 343's decision to let players earn premium game currency as they progress on the season pass?

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