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PS5 to outsell Xbox Series X|S by 2-to-1 in 2022, but both behind Switch

Following strong sales from all consoles in 2021, expectations for 2022 are sky-high, with analysts claiming manufacturers will sell about 48 million consoles in total. The best-selling unit is expected to be the Nintendo Switch, but its margin over PS5 is likely to decrease compared to last year.

According to Ampere Analysis' data, Nintendo will sell 21 million consoles this year, with the OLED model leading its sales. As for Sony, it's estimated that the Japanese company will sell 18 million PS5 consoles, while Microsoft is expected to ship 9 million Xbox Series X|S throughout 2022.

Nintendo Switch sales estimations put it a few million below 2021's figure. On the other hand, Sony and Microsoft console sales should increase compared to last year's results. Still, PlayStation 5 is expected to outsell Xbox Series X|S consoles by a 2:1 factor.

As of November 2021, Nintendo Switch has sold over 93 million consoles. The last time Sony shared its PS5 sales numbers, the Japanese consoles had sold 13.4 million consoles, with expectations to hit 14.8 million by April 2022. At the moment, the PS5 is the fastest selling console ever, selling 10 million units in less than nine months. Microsoft hasn't shared Xbox Series X|S sales numbers, but according to Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX), estimations put it at 12 million.

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KitGuru says: Based on these estimations, Nintendo should break the 100 million sales mark with the Switch in a few months. Additionally, if the sales maintain this momentum throughout 2022 and 2023, Nintendo's device could easily become the best-selling console of all time, a title currently held by Sony's PlayStation 2.

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