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Helldivers has already sold “around 1 million” units

Helldivers 2 has been a massive success for Arrowhead Games studio and seems to be getting even bigger. The game surpassed Sony's Steam records, and sales have exceeded the developer and publisher's expectations.

According to Arrowhead Games studio CEO and Creative Director Johan Pilestedt, Helldivers 2 has sold “around a million” copies. He also stated that the game is “blowing through the estimates,” which is a remarkable achievement for the studio. Likely, the game has significantly exceeded the developer and publisher's sales forecasts, and the sales figures are still rising.

Helldivers 2 is a fun game to play with friends, and the sales split between PlayStation 5 and PC versions is roughly 50:50, according to Pilestedt. However, he noted that the numbers are changing rapidly, and this estimate may not be accurate. Moreover, when asked about Sony's plans to reveal the number of copies sold, Pilestedt wrote that he didn't understand why it was a secret. As of now, Sony has not provided any specific sales figures for Helldivers 2 on any platform.

Despite some technical issues, Helldivers 2 has been a massive success since its launch on February 9th. With a peak of close to 156,000 concurrent players, it is Sony's largest Steam release. Before its release, the game was one of the most pre-ordered titles on the PlayStation Store in the US and other regions and a top seller on Steam.

KitGuru says: Considering the game's previous performance, it wouldn't be surprising if Helldivers 2 continues to climb in popularity and sales. Still, don't expect it to reach the level of something like Palworld.

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