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Horizon Zero Dawn PC price increases due to the use of VPNs

Due to the use of VPNs to buy the game at a reduced price, Horizon Zero Dawn PC prices have gone up in certain regions by as much as 389%. The people affected by the price increase are using credit and ResetEra to share with others how the price has increased. Interestingly enough, the Horizon Zero Dawn PC price in the Epic Games Store has mostly remained the same, meaning that in some countries it is now much cheaper to get the game through EGS.

As initially shared by ResetEra's forum user Hikari_Ryu, the price of Horizon Zero Dawn was 539 pesos (converted to about 7 dollars). As more people started to use VPNs to buy the game at a cheaper price, Steam increased its cost to 2100 pesos, which translates to an increase of 389%.

The list of price increases shared on Reddit is the following:

  • Argentina: ARS$539,99 -> ARS$2100 – 389%
  • Turkey: ₺77 -> ₺275 – 357%
  • South Africa: R269 -> R680 – 253%
  • Colombia: COL$68500 -> COL$146000 – 213%
  • Brazil: R$93,99 -> R$200 – 213%
  • China: ¥138 -> ¥193 – 140%
  • South Asia: $15,99 -> $19,99 – 125%
  • Ukrainia: ₴579 -> ₴709 – 122%
  • United Kingdom: £32,99 -> £39,99- 12.1%
  • Commonwealth of Independet States: $22,99 -> $25,99 – 113%
  • Australia: A$69,95 -> A$74,99 – 10.7%
  • Canada: CDN$56,99 -> CDN$59,99 – 10.5%

As you see from this list, some countries are more affected than others. These increases resulted in Epic Games Store selling the game at a much lower price in most regions when compared to Steam. However, it can be hit or miss, as the price for Horizon Zero Dawn in Indonesia has increased from $14.44 to $18.99, whereas the Steam price in that region has not changed at the time of writing.

Horizon Zero Dawn will release on Steam and Epic Games Store on the 7th of August. You can pre-order the game HERE (Steam) and HERE (Epic Games Store).

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KitGuru Says: Normally region locking would help in a situation like this, but it would seem that is not the direction Sony was looking to take. What do you all think of this situation? 

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