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HWiNFO 7.63 beta update features Intel’s PresentMon monitoring tool

The most recent beta of HWiNFO64 includes PresentMon, Intel's open-source monitoring tool for measuring everything from framerates, frametimes and other important data required for analysing system performance. 

Last month, Intel introduced a new version of PresentMon, including various improvements. Those include better data collection tools for framerates, frametime, and the new GPU Busy metric, which helps users find if their system has a CPU or GPU bottleneck. Due to its open-source nature, Intel's PresentMon can be integrated with other software, which is exactly why HWiNFO has chosen to adopt it, extending the app's diagnostic capabilities.

The full patch notes for the latest HWiNFO update can be found below:

HWINFO 7.63.5205

  • Integrated PresentMon for FPS, Frame Time and GPU Busy monitoring.
  • Enhanced fan speed monitoring on some ASUS notebooks.


  • This feature is currently in Beta stage, so some issues or adjustments are expected.
  • PresentMon is fully integrated into HWiNFO64, so there are no additional prerequisites required (e.g., no need to install Intel PresentMon or its SDK).
    Statistics data are shown under a new sensor.
  • Integration into HWiNFO32 is currently not planned due to certain restrictions in legacy 32-bit applications.
  • PresentMon constantly captures and analyses a large amount of data for each process (and its swap chain) that performs graphics output via interfaces like D3D9 or DXGI.
  • Since each process/swap chain has its own metrics, the application needs to focus only on the “main” one. HWiNFO by default reports metrics belonging to the process with the highest frame rate.
    It’s possible to specify a specific process to be monitored using the “-pm_proc_name=<process_name>” command-line argument.
  • The evaluation of frame data requires keeping statistics for the last-n frames and performing constant calculations (averaging, etc.), which can have some impact on performance.
    To minimise the performance and memory footprint impact of frame evaluation, HWiNFO currently keeps a fixed amount of last n-frames.
  • The metrics reported are calculated as an average of last-n statistics data over a certain time window. A too small window means less math but also less accuracy due to less samples being averaged, a too large window might not properly reflect variable rates.
  • The evaluation time window is currently fixed to a reasonable value. It is planned to allow users to use a custom time window, but matching it with the main polling sensors period might be undesirable.
  • This feature can be disabled via the main settings.

The HWINFO Beta v7.63.5205 version of the software is available to download HERE.

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