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Minimal Affect is a parody of Mass Effect in a cartoon style

It's not every day that we see video games endeavour into the world of parodies. Developed by Toadman Studios and published by Sold Out, Minimal Affect is a comical sci-fi action RPG that makes fun of Mass Effect. 

As per EG7 (Enad Global 7), the group that owns both Toadman Studios and Sold Out, Minimal Affect is being developed by a group of “longtime sci-fi fanatics”. The team's objective is to deliver a unique and original “space epic” experience with a cast of particular characters, creating an ode to the space opera genre.

The protagonist is Commander Creed, a victim of a bullet to his head that has changed him from the man that he once was, accompanied by K'Iara, a female of an ancient race which is completely oblivious of the modern world. There's also Redshirt, which insists his name is Wesley and believes that he's actually useful to the crew, and Larry, the crew's engineer who tends to tell boring stories that no one likes.

The trailer that was launched with the game's announcement also shows a Krogan lookalike that seems to be the muscle of the crew. Additionally, the trailer also shows a bit of gameplay, which is very similar to the original Mass Effect trilogy. Just like Mass Effect, you play in a third-person view and use your party members and a set of skills to defeat your enemies. Robin Flodin, CEO of EG7, commented on the game saying that it's “a fun game that mixes humour with entertaining gameplay” with no “strong competition” in its genre.

Minimal Affect will be released on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One in 2021. More platform details will be revealed at a later date. If you want, you can learn more about the game HERE.

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