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Nintendo plans to stop Switch 2 scalpers by making enough consoles to meet demand

Nintendo is already working to prevent scalpers from targeting its upcoming next-gen console. Speaking with shareholders, the company's president expressed confidence that it will avoid the supply shortages seen during the Switch's run, making it more difficult for scalpers to take advantage.

According to VGC, Nintendo's president, Shuntaro Furukawa, assured investors that the chip shortage that plagued the original Switch won't affect its successor. In fact, Nintendo plans to grab as much chip production capacity as possible to produce enough “Switch 2” consoles to meet consumer demand, preventing scalpers from benefitting from the lack of consoles.

Furukawa also mentioned the company will consider whether it can take other measures, “taking into account the circumstances in each region”. Although Nintendo's commitment to addressing supply constraints is encouraging, the industry should remain vigilant, as scalpers may still attempt to profit from the release of the Switch successor.

An official announcement for the new console has yet to be made but reports claim it will be released in early 2025. Moreover, Nintendo's absence from Gamescom has spurred speculation that the company plans to make a separate announcement towards the end of the year.

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KitGuru says: Just because Nintendo's president said that he wants to produce enough consoles to meet demand, that doesn't mean your local store will have enough consoles for its customers at launch. However, based on Furukawa's words, one can assume that restocking will be swift.

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