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Pokémon Unite is a new MOBA-like game for Nintendo Switch and mobile

Pokémon Company has announced a new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. The upcoming Pokémon Unite is a MOBA-like game, similar to League of Legends and DOTA, created in partnership with Tencent.

Developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio, known for their work in Call of Duty Mobile, Pokémon Unite will be released as a cross-platform game, meaning that Nintendo Switch and mobile platform users will play together.

Each match of Pokémon Unite will have two teams of five players face each other. As players try to catch Pokémons and fight each other for control of the map, their Pokémons will level up and learn new moves, much like the majority of MOBA games. The team accumulating the most points until the match ends will be the winner.

In the announcement for Pokémon Unite, Tsunekazu Ishihara also referred to the Pokémon Café Mix game and the Pokémon Smile app. Pokémon Café Mix is a free-to-start puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, while Pokémon Smile is an app to encourage kids to brush their teeth.

Pokémon Unite will be free-to-start on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. The release date hasn't yet been disclosed. You can learn more about Pokémon Unite HERE.

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