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Starfield to be an Xbox and PC exclusive, “most likely” coming out in March 2022

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding Starfield in recent months, particularly after Bethesda merged with Microsoft in March. With E3 less than a month away, insiders are beginning to settle on a few things – Starfield will be exclusive to Xbox and PC, and will “most likely” be released in early 2022. 

The latest update on Starfield comes from VentureBeat's Jeff Grub. According to his sources, Starfield is without a doubt going to be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Another industry leaker, Skullzi, has also been quite active recently when it comes to Starfield. So far, they have shared multiple in-game screenshots from early builds of the game. Now, they have released some more information, saying that Starfield has been targeting a 2021 release date but the chance of meeting this time frame is small.

Starfield apparently has more in-game systems than any previous Bethesda game, which means more polish and testing is needed for this project. That extra time means the game is “most likely” to release in March next year.

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KitGuru says: E3 is just a month away and hopefully, we'll be getting a lot of official news on Starfield then. Are you looking forward Starfield? 

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