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Big online retailers caught selling 18+ games to children

As part of an ongoing investigation, CVG is claiming to have caught out several big name online retailers sending out 18+ rated games to underage children. Some of the specifically named ones include Amazon, HMV and Zavvi.

In each instance, the underage individual used his visa debit card that was issued to him by his bank at the age of 16. Video footage can be seen of the young man buying the games through the sites, with no age verification checks at any point, despite the fact that the card should contain enough information about him to confirm that he is under 18.

Some of the games purchased include Madworld, Kane and Lynch and Manhunt 2.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ35kLzELW0#!’]

In the comment section for the video, CVG explains that the games were delivered to its offices. However, some other commenters have suggested that had the game been delivered to the home of the young man and he had been required to sign for it, the delivery may not have been completed because of his age.

KitGuru Says: CVG takes a pretty sinister tone with the piece, almost sounding as if the violent games themselves are deplorable and that the fact that people under 18 can get hold of them just makes matters worse. In reality it doesn’t matter what the content of the game is, what’s important is that the games wouldn’t be sold to the boy in a shop.

This is a “problem” that’s been around for a long time. Back when I was 16 and received my debit card (Solo at the time), I was able to use it to by products and media with an 18+ age rating without issue.

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