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Come back to Rapture, it’s prettier than ever

Oh Rapture, how long has it been since we danced beneath the waves? How far have we grown apart since you tried to murder me with crazed, hook handed splicers and drill toting diving suits? Perhaps it’s time we joined forces once again to explore your deep and devilish confines, in a remastering of Bioshock.

Yes, Bioshock is making a comeback in its original guise. The underwater kingdom built by Andrew Ryan and friends is set to return to the fore, with a new lick of paint and polish on all that metal work. It’s not quite been enough to save the deep-sea hell hole, but it might be enough to tempt you to play again.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPDUdfn-sR8′]

Looking at the new trailer for the remastering, everything does look that little bit crisper and neater. It’s not quite to the standard of contemporary games and it seems hard to top Bioshock Infinite’s impressive aesthetics, but the original Bioshock holds up well in design, so with a little care and attention it certainly holds its own.

But it’s not alone. This version of Bioshock will come with its second iteration too, where you view it all through the grilled mask of a Big Daddy and again when you take to the clouds in the third entry in the series. All of them will be making a comeback with slightly improved visuals and a new video commentary series headed by Ken Levine.

This is just our first look at what it will all look like, with 2K Games promising more reveals in the near future. The trio of games will make their remastered return on 13th September on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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KitGuru Says: I never actually played Bioshock 2, though thoroughly enjoyed the original. Infinite was well made, but I really wished for more of the start of the game, where exploring Columbia was the goal, not murdering everyone you saw in regular pitched battles. 

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