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Hideo Kojima discusses next-gen Fox game engine

The Fox engine is a cross-platform development that will be used in upcoming games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, The Phantom Pain and the next Metal Gear title, but beyond that, we don’t know much about it. Fortunately, Hideo Kojima has spoken out on Twitter to give us some ideas.

The original tweet is posted below, but you’ll struggle to make much from them if your only language is English. Fortunately, Kotaku has a translation for us:

“The concept of the ‘Fox Engine’ is photo-realism.” Kojima said. “The age of fixating on pictures and sound in games is over. Now the questions are: How free is it? Does it connect to the internet and is the gameplay smooth? Even so, a certain level of realistic atmosphere is required. ”

“At Kojima Productions we’re aiming for a line where even simple CG models look photo-realistic when you zoom out of the game screen.”

That seems like a nice idea and we’re certainly getting to a stage where photo-realism is sort-of possible with in-game graphics, but we’re not there yet, not with the highest of the high end PCs could you achieve that. It’s also worth noting, that a lot of in-game elements look fantastic if you’re zoomed right out – or if you shake your head around to blur everything. It’s not the same thing as actual photo-realism though.

We’ve seen a bit of the Fox Engine before, with the “A or B?”  choice from a pre-rendered conference room. It does indeed look pretty good, but I’ll be interested to see what it looks like while someone is moving through it in 1080p instead of a small web-friendly pic.

If you haven't seen this before, which do you think is the real image and which is the digital version?

KitGuru Says: The goal of almost every engine development for the past couple of decades has been increased realism. Bigger, better, prettier. While we’re obviously moving in a photo realistic direction, I’ll need to see some hard evidence before I believe Kojima’s team has cracked that nut just yet.

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