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HTC’s Viveport VR app platform launched

HTC's Viveport online store for virtual reality games, experiences and applications was learned about in mid-December through some investigative digging from fans, but it now looks to be available. Although there are no apps listed of yet, the system itself appears to be up and running, with libraries for purchased content, as well as a store itself and settings page.

Although only accessible to developers right now via the HTC portal, a Redditor grabbed some screenshots of the platform which has a few blank tabs and a settings page that only covers starting up and default install locations, but the ground work has certainly been laid for an HTC VR store much like Oculus' own which we saw previewed back in 2015.

Exciting right?

Although some have suggested that a specific store just for HTC content – perhaps exclusives too – seems redundant considering Steam will have most, if not all of the same games and experiences available, others suggest this could be HTC laying the ground work for its own mobile orientated VR headset system, like Samsung's Gear VR.

Considering HTC also has a decent presence in the smartphone game, perhaps we will see it attempt to market its handsets as virtual reality goggles in the near future too.

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KitGuru Says: Considering Oculus' Touch controls won't arrive until the latter half of 2016, I will probably be buying a Vive, though it almost feels disloyal to Oculus after two years of owning its different headsets.

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