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Latest WoW Short makes you feel sorry for Gul’Dan the outcast

Although Gul'Dan has been quite the trouble maker throughout Azeroth's storied history, you can at least feel a little sorry for him in the latest World of Warcraft short film released to promote the upcoming Legion expansion. In it we learn of his past and what it was that made him such a hateful individual.

It turns out that Gul'Dan was once part of a tribe, though as he says towards the end of the video: nobody has ever heard of it. That's because they cast him out, mocked him for his disabilities and lack of strength – so when he returned, he was more than a little wrathful. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3QJ8Pgjj3c']

The story itself is called “Harbingers,” as it shows where not only Gul'Dan's emotions came from, but his power too. When his people and the elements themselves deserted him, Gul'Dan stumbled across another ancient power. In turn Gul'Dan became a Harbinger of its fury.

All of this is of course to promote the upcoming Legion expansion for WoW, which launches at the end of August. It will feature a new continent to explore, a continuation of the epic WoW story, new weapons, quests, crafting options and a whole lot more.

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