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League of Legends ranked stats not resetting until 2014

If you've logged into League of Legends recently, you might have wondered why you ranked stats haven't been reset yet. The reason for this, is that it's not happening until the beginning of season 4 sometime in the next couple of months.

While this might sound counter-intuitive, since season 3 is officially over and the big changes in the pre-season patches have meant gameplay is drastically different to how it was during the main season, Riot has its reasons. When asked why it didn't reset at the end of season 3 rather than at the start of the next one, it responded:

“We're introducing quite a bit of change this preseason, both in terms of gameplay and the League system. Data on these changes could be skewed by a similarly timed reset. Plus it gives you a chance to adjust to the changes in a competitive climate without having a massive impact on your ranked placement next year.”

This picture makes me really want to learn Annie…

A double reset was proposed, but that would shock the system too much in too short a time frame, Riot explained. Don't worry though, if you've earned a fancy background for your gold or diamond rank this season, don't think people will sneak through now that big changes have been made, as no more rewards will be given out until the end of season 4.

When it comes to the beginning of the 2014 season, you'll be playing against people relative to your skill level and placement at the end of season 3, so if you'd rather practice in normal games for now until you're used to the changes that's fair enough. You needn't worry about your rank decaying either, as Riot has disabled that feature until the start of the new season – that is unless you're in the challenger tier.

For a full break down of Riot's reasoning, have a look here.

KitGuru Says: Seems fair enough really. I've yet to even unlock enough champions to play ranked yet so this is pretty irrelevant to me. Where abouts are you guys ranked? 

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