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Mewgenics debuts lust, cat birth

In its latest Caturday Update, the boys over at Team Meat have shown off their first bit of in-game footage, in GIF form, featuring an air-humping daddy cat and a spotty mother pumping out multiple kittens that are easily identifiable as children of their parents’ lineage.

If that sounds a little over the top for what is essentially one spotty cat giving birth to another spotty cat, it’s actually a big deal in a game like Mewgenics, the cat-lady simulator set for release later this year. Why? Because it represents the way in which cats can take genes from their parents and therefore be intelligently bred to let you develop your ideal cat; whatever that is.


Describing the above GIF, Team Meat said:”[Here] we see a very pregnant female cat giving birth to her first litter, the father watches with (very creepy) excitement as his children pop out of their mother. From this GIF we can also see a bit of the fathers personality, he seems quite the horn dog and, since the mother (Dr. Butts) got pregnant after the 1st hump, there is a good chance hes quite a potent lover at that.”

The question is, will these personality traits have been carried over to the kittens? That’s not something we’ll learn until they’re a bit older and have “evolved,” a couple of times. For now though, we can look at their physical traits.

“Already we can see the genes from both parents are clearly at work here,” Team Meat continues. “The 1st kitten (Fanky II) seems to have his fathers head shape, body and tail, but its mothers body markings. it also seems like Fanky appears to be more of a pure bred texture wise than his mother, having her body markings on his head, torso, tail and ears… this is also considered pretty beautiful by cat pageant standards…obvi [sic].”

As these cats evolve and hit puberty, their physical appearance will change to reflect more of their adult form and we’ll also start to get a better feeling for their personality.

In this instance though? Fanky II grew up and murdered his dad.

KitGuru Says: I’m quite looking forward to Mewgenics. Its aesthetic are nice and the gameplay sounds like it could be surprisingly deep. I’m hoping we have no input in battles though and that it’s all down to our training and breeding.

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