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New 22 Cans game appears without hype or promises

Peter Molyneux’s 22 Cans has debuted a new game on iOS, called The Trail: A Frontier Journey and for once, it’s been launched without the old Bullfrog alumnus hyping it with excited interviews and promises. That is likely to be of benefit, but this does leave us not knowing much about the game just yet.

Molyneux is well known for his over-hyping of games and under-delivering when it comes to release. Black and White was his first oversell, but the Fable games had some measure of it and most recently, he was accused for drastically overhyping his current company’s development(s): Godus and Godus Wars.

With The Trail though, we haven’t heard a peep from him. In the absence of his excited thoughts on the game though, we do have a couple of videos from a pair of Youtubers. It’s a game that’s about travelling, with various landscapes to traverse, craftables, trading and some measure of town building.

The artwork is quite charming, with a cell shaded/paper/Tiltbrush look to the whole thing. There’s also a real air of relaxation, aided by the soundtrack; you could imagine people playing this to wind down.

The Trail is currently listed as free on iOS, but isn’t available in the UK. In fact, its only available territory is the Philippines. It does comes with micro-transactions it looks like though, with the two most currently popular in-app purchases: “Starter Park” and “70 Favours”, costing $2 and $5 a piece.

As much as Molyneux may not have said anything about this game though, there is a certain feel to it that suggests he was involved in its creation. Indeed Kotaku has it that he has been heavily involved in its creation since 2014 and that it may well have been his major focus since that time.

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KitGuru Says: Perhaps this is why Molyneux effectively abandoned his idea for the God of Gods that that whole Curiosity tapping mess was about. 

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    Molyneux must have been bound and gagged for this release.

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