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PS4 Slim teardown gives closer look at shrunk hardware

The PlayStation 4 Slim leaked a few weeks ago now and despite the mountain of evidence, there are still those who don't beleive that the leaked console is real. Some think its 3D-printed, others think it is possibly an early prototype rather than the final product. However, another peice of evidence surfaced this week, as someone has put together a complete teardown of the Slim, giving a close look at the hardware.

So far, there have been multiple reports surrounding the PS4 Slim. When the unit on Gumtree was purchased, Eurogamer met the buyer to confirm authenticity. Later on, the site known as ‘Let's Play Video Games' got hold of an early unit from a store that broke street date in order to post a review of the system. Now you can take a closer look at the hardware in the teardown video below:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AXERz8sjuA']

The teardown was put together by Links-Tech, and it gives a complete overview of the shrunk-down PS4 hardware. Aside from that though, it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. The PS4 Slim doesn't make any significant changes to the internals, most of the changes are cosmetic.

The PS4 Slim is still unannounced by Sony but it will likely go on sale this month, following on from the PlayStation Meeting, which takes place tomorrow. We are also expecting Sony to announce the PS4 Neo at this event.

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KitGuru Says: I was pretty convinced by the PS4 Slim when it first appeared on Gumtree a few weeks back. The images just didn't look like forgeries. However, others have been harder to convince. Did any of you doubt the authenticity of the leaked PS4 Slim? Do you still think there is a chance of it being fake?

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