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Squanchtendo is working on its first, fully funded game

Squanchtendo, the company formed from the vocal half of the creative team behind Rick and Morty, is now working on its first, fully funded game. Unfortunately the details are almost non-existent at this point, but it's good to know that Accounting won't be all we see from the start up developer.

The original announcement for Squanchtendo's launch came earlier this year, where we were told that founder Justin Roiland, best known for voicing both Rick and Morty in their eponymous show, had a team that were going to make VR games together.

They followed up just two months later with the release of Accounting, a short, linear VR experience that was full of nonsense humour and cartoonish violence, co-developed with the makers of the Stanley Parable.

NB: Skip to 56 minutes in to hear the statement from the man himself.

*Warning* Some NSFW language.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7m57W2DQH4#t=56m00s”']

We haven't heard much about what's coming next since then, but during his appearance on the first episode of the H3H3 podcast, Roiland stated towards the end of the show that:

“We are in production on our first, fully funded, major game that I can't say anything about!”

While he doesn't specifically state that it's a VR game that the developer is working on, Squanchtendo's original mission statement was to create, “funny, imaginative, story driven VR game experiences,” so it seems pretty likely.

Presumably it won't have much to do with Accounting either, as that felt self contained and finished, in as much as a VR-ception world of headset swapping and being yelled at can be finished.

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KitGuru Says: Although there is little detail here, this is still pretty exciting. I enjoyed Squanchtendo's first effort a lot and am interested to see what it can do in subverting the normality of a lot of VR experiences. 

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