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Well this Zelda game is a bit different

Nintendo has a lot of well loved franchises and bankable characters – even if they haven't been selling systems for it. There's Mario and all of his side characters, Kerby, Samus, Donkey Kong , Link and more, and all of them tend to star in games that are somewhat similar to their predecessors. When you buy a Zelda game, you know what you're getting into – unless you were playing Hyrule Warriors (working title) that is.

In a trailer released as part of the latest Nintendo Direct, Link is hacking and slashing his way across an open battlefield, with hosts of passive enemies standing around waiting to be killed. It's essentially Dynasty Warriors, but in Hyrule.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXtBcWIK9Tg']

However unlike Dynasty Warriors, Link isn't threatened by enemy generals, but by giant monsters that would fit the bill on any Zelda boss battle. With its focused camera and twitch controls, it almost seems to turn into Monster Hunter during these teased sequences.

Much of this is a work in progress, with an undecided title, no potential release date and only one level showcased. It's also for the Wii U, which doesn't have the best install base considering it's been out for over a year, but this game still looks good. We do at least know what its Japanese logo looks like as well:


KitGuru Says: This actually looks pretty awesome and with a decent multiplayer mode it could be fantastic, especially if it doesn't suffer from Dynasty Warrior's biggest enduring problem: the god awful pop-in of generic soldiers.

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