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Links, photos will not longer take up Twitter characters

One of the reasons link shorteners became so popular was because Twitter has always restricted everything you put in a Tweet to those 140 characters, but not any more. Moving forward, Twitter is set to eliminate links and photos from user’s character counts, meaning we can all say a little …

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Hyrule Warriors mixes up formula in new trailer

Wii U exclusive Hyrule Warriors is a curious mashup that I don’t think anyone saw coming, but for fans of the ‘Warriors’ series of games, be it Samurai, Gundam or Dynasty, it certainly mixes up the traditional in some interesting ways. Yes the endless mobs of unthreatening enemies are back. …

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The next Zelda game could have multiplayer

The Legend of Zelda series might have one of the most convoluted timelines in gaming, but it’s also one of the most beloved. Whether you cut your teeth on the original back in the 80s, or Ocarina of Time on the N64, it’s a classic series. It’s always been single …

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Well this Zelda game is a bit different

Nintendo has a lot of well loved franchises and bankable characters – even if they haven’t been selling systems for it. There’s Mario and all of his side characters, Kerby, Samus, Donkey Kong , Link and more, and all of them tend to star in games that are somewhat similar …

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