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Xbox owners get mad that Quantum Break is coming to PC

It seems everyone hates exclusivity, unless they're the ones to benefit from it. PC gamers like it when there aren't console ports of their games and it seems console gamers are just the same, as a number of Xbox One players have lashed out at Xbox head Phil Spencer after it was announced that third-person shooter, Quantum Break, was also going to be released on PC.

The big annoyance for Xbox fans is apparently that there isn't much point in buying an Xbox One if the games they thought would be exclusive are also on PC. Indeed that's been a solid message this generation, as cross-platform releases have been rather common, but Spencer's response has been that Microsoft isn't looking to build walls, just great games.

Others were annoyed that the announcement of another version of Quantum Break was coming so late in the day. Why wait until just a month before release to announce a PC version too?

When asked what was the point of owning an Xbox One when so many games were also going to PC, Spencer countered that the Xbox One was a lot cheaper than a fully-fledged gaming PC and that some people liked the different experiences. He also suggested that there was no downside to games being available on more platforms, as it meant more people could play them.

He went on to say that Microsoft was looking to make cross-buy games far more common and would start with Quantum Break. If you buy a copy on either PC or Xbox One, you can play it on the other (thanks Eurogamer).

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KitGuru Says: I really like the idea of Cross-Platform buys. I can understand the Xbox One fans' annoyance here though. If a PC exclusive suddenly announced a console port right before launch, fans would be up in arms over how it would have a restricted frame rate or visuals. 

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