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Quantum Break is now heading to Steam


Quantum Break had a bit of a troubled launch as a Windows 10 Store exclusive title. It was one of the earlier games to use the Universal Windows Platform and due to the platform limitations at the time, the game did not make a great first impression. However, Remedy Entertainment …

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Remedy is probably bringing Alan Wake back

Alan Wake developed something of a cult following after its release several years ago. Since then, Remedy Studios has toyed with the idea of a sequel but for now, it is focussed on Quantum Break, its new Sci-Fi action game which hits the Xbox One and PC in April. However, …

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Quantum Break won’t be landing on Steam

There has been a lot of drama surrounding Quantum Break over the last week or so. Microsoft made the surprise announcement that the game would be coming to Windows 10 alongside the Xbox One launch with support for cross-saves and cross-buy, something that some Xbox owners weren’t too happy about. …

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Footage of cancelled Alan Wake 2 project released

Remedy Studios, the team behind the original Alan Wake and Microsoft’s upcoming exclusive IP, Quantum Break, has revealed 13 minutes of gameplay footage of a prototype version of Alan Wake 2. The video was recorded back in 2010 and the project was cancelled or shelved quite some time ago. The …

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Quantum Break delayed until 2016

One of Microsoft’s big new IP launches set for the Xbox One, Quantum Break, has been delayed until 2016. The game is being developed by Remedy Games, the same studio behind Allan Wake. Initially, the game was supposed to coincide with a live-action series. While a live-action series set to …

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Xbox Entertainment Studios has officially shut down

The Xbox division’s in-house made entertainment ambitions were short lived. It was announced earlier this year that Xbox Entertainment Studios, responsible for the Halo TV series and mini series, the upcoming Quantum Break series and several documentaries would be closing down and now it has fully disbanded, leaving an uncertain …

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Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft’s original programming plans have been cut short as it has been revealed that Xbox Entertainment Studios will be shutting down as part of the mass job cuts taking place at the company. The studio was in charge of the upcoming live action Halo projects and the Atari E.T landfill documentary. …

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