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Remedy to address Quantum Break issues this week

While Quantum Break was a decent enough Sci-Fi shooter on the Xbox One, the game's PC version was definitely not up to par. However, Remedy is hoping to fix some of the most pressing issues with the PC version of the game later this week with a new patch and has already announced the list of confirmed fixes coming to the game.

The new patch for Quantum Break is “in the certification process” right now, which means it is being looked over by Microsoft and approved for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The patch should be out by the 1st of May, or the end of this week.


The list of confirmed fixes include:

  • Removing frame rate stutters
  • Addressing performance problems
  • Removing frame rate locking
  • Adding the missing quit option on the main menu
  • Solving crashes when launching the game
  • The addition of image quality options on PC (for instance, being able to turn off the game's “film grain” visual effect)
  • Removal of light flare and blinking lights

Obviously, being a Universal Windows Platform application, there are still some glaring problems that can't yet be fixed, such as the ability to turn on or off V-Sync. Quantum Break also still needs a resolution slider for those who want to play at higher than 1080p resolution.

KitGuru Says: I really enjoyed Quantum Break on Xbox One but the PC version was so disappointing and really felt like an unfinished, half-baked after thought. Hopefully Remedy's new patch will help improve things a bit and Microsoft can eventually get the Universal Windows Platform to a point where it can actually be good for PC games. 

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