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Epic’s Tim Sweeney thinks Microsoft wants to kill Steam


Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has been a vocal opponent of Windows 10 and its Windows Marketplace, which he sees as Microsoft's attempt to lock down the entire ecosystem. Although his comments are often factually debatable, he's still not a fan of either and thinks Microsoft could drop W32 to try …

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Microsoft’s UWP now supports variable refresh rates

Microsoft has caught a lot of criticism over the last few months stemming from its new Universal Windows Platform. While at first, many PC gamers were excited about the idea of more Xbox exclusive games heading to the PC, Microsoft's new platform was woefully lacking in necessary features and heavily …

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Microsoft: DirectX 12 adoption rate is fastest ever

It looks like developers are wasting absolutely no time in upgrading to DirectX 12 as Microsoft has revealed that its new graphics API has the fastest adoption rate of any DirectX version. DirectX 12 is the latest graphics API from Microsoft and it has strong ties to Windows 10, which …

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Universal Windows apps coming to Xbox One this Summer

Following a few weeks of building up, Microsoft has finally spoke out about universal apps coming to the Xbox One at the Game Developers Conference this week. At GDC, Microsoft announced that developers would soon be able to publish Universal Windows Platform apps (UWP) to the Xbox Store, on top …

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