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Remedy is working on tackling Quantum Break PC issues

Just last week, Remedy Games came out with its brand new game, Quantum Break. While the game was initially due to be an Xbox One exclusive, a PC version was announced at the last-minute, based on Microsoft's new UWP platform for cross-platform apps between Xbox and Windows 10. Unfortunately, this led to the PC version of Quantum Break launching with a number of issues, some of which will be fixed.

Remedy has spoken out on the state of Quantum Break on PC, stating that the team is currently working with both Nvidia and AMD to deliver a performance boost. There is also a problem stemming from VRAM becoming fragmented during longer play sessions, causing rendering issues. Right now the only fix for this is to save and restart the game every few hours.


As for frame stuttering, Remedy already has this issue sorted though it has not been implemented into a patch yet. Some additional graphics options are also going to be added to the game, including control over film grain. V-Sync will also be added into the game as an option, which has been unsupported on the UWP platform so far.

KitGuru Says: Until Microsoft sorts out the issues with the UWP platform, Windows 10 exclusive games are going to suffer a bit in terms of quality on PC. Hopefully by the time the next big game comes around, everything will be figured out. Have any of you played Quantum Break on PC? Have you been facing any problems? 

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