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Quantum Break is now heading to Steam

Quantum Break had a bit of a troubled launch as a Windows 10 Store exclusive title. It was one of the earlier games to use the Universal Windows Platform and due to the platform limitations at the time, the game did not make a great first impression. However, Remedy Entertainment is hoping PC gamers will give Quantum Break another chance, now that it is coming to Steam.

Quantum Break is no longer a ‘Windows 10 exclusive’ and will launch on Steam next month, it won’t have any specific improvements but it will include the latest patch updates, which improve things like mouse and keyboard support, general performance, and adds in proper V-Sync support.


Quantum Break is a sci-fi shooter that puts you in the shoes of Jack Joyce as he discovers his time-bending powers and tries to bring down an evil corporation. There is a companion TV show with five episodes, which show how events unfold from the point of view of the bad guys.

The story isn’t particularly long but I found it to be quite engaging when playing through the game on the Xbox back in April. If you want a half-decent story-focussed game to play through one weekend, then Quantum Break is probably worth giving a shot providing that the Steam version is up to par.

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KitGuru Says: I had a lot of fun with Quantum Break when it first came out and thanks to the different endings and decision branches, you could find some replay value in it. That said, once I beat the final boss, I didn’t end up returning for more. If the price is right, then it might be worth a playthrough on PC.

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