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Firefox surpasses Internet Explorer in Europe

Following on from our news yesterday, we wanted to follow up with some ‘European' specific information on the browser wars. Internet Explorer leads the way in most parts of the world, however it appears that Europe are adopting Firefox faster than anywhere else. Web Analytics firm StatCounter show that it is the first time IE has lost its top spot in a major market.

In December, the excellent Firefox took 38.1 percent of the European market and Internet Explorers share slipped to just 37.5 percent. Google Chrome rose to 14.6 percent from just 5.1 percent a year earlier. Google software is becoming extremely widely adopted, and rightly so, as they are really stepping up their development.

While Internet Explorer is preinstalled on many new machines, Microsoft have been forced to include a message offering people other choices to download and install a browser, this will be having a negative impact on their percentage domination. People are also becoming more educated on alternative options and are finding that other browsers fit their specific needs a little better.

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