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LG trying to ban Playstation 3 from USA

LG Electronics won’t be too popular among gamers with the recent reports that they are lodging a patent infringement against Japanese hardware giant Sony. They want the Playstation 3 to be banned from the USA.

LG are saying that the console is infringing upon LG patents related to the playback of BluRay discs. The Korean company are saying that “certain electronic devices having a Blu-Ray Disc player and components thereof” infringe patents held by LG, and then names the Playstation 3 directly.

Sony have said that LG want “a permanent exclusion order… excluding from entry to the United States Sony’s Accused Products that infringe one or more claims of the asserted patents.”

To make matters worse, the Playstation 3 isn’t the only Sony hardware under the suit, as LG claim the Bravia televisions with Bluray playback functionality are also infringing their patents. It seems highly unlikely that LG will get a successful outcome, but if they manage to do it, then it will certain cause concern for Sony.

KitGuru says: Playstation 3 banned from the USA? Would you be happy with that?

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