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Multiplay i42 preparations begin in Newbury

With the region’s most famous LAN gaming event set to kick off with a long Good Friday, the Multiplay chaps are preparing to move Heaven, Earth and several truck loads of kit down to the famous Newbury racecourse to begin preparations. KitGuru dresses like a roadie to get the inside track.

The halls start off nice and empty, but by the start of the Easter weekend – each of the halls will be packed with hardcore gamers, armed with the latest and greatest kit – ready to do battle for some substantial cash prizes. Here’s a quick before, during and after set-up that reveals some of magic that Multiplay uses to make an event like i42 happen.

Lull before the storm - tables laid out bare - ready for action

At this point, you’d suspect that an army of roadies would be involved. However, secret spy-cam, footage taken inside the hallowed halls of Newbury have revealed the dark truth (you could also flick through the thousands of high-res shots on Flickr).

Shed Boy uses the Force to ensure the opening deadline is met. Now that's just cheating, right?

As the Jedi play their mind games, an army of gamers arrives to set up camp outside (literally). The grandeur of the main stand contrasts with the simplicity of the camper’s equipment and the shiny goodness that is Ducky.

Newbury against a misty sky, frosty morning campers and Ducky strikes the pizza box

Spread out across multiple buildings and on multiple floors, Multiplay is THE focal point for the UK competitive and community gaming scene. If you’ve never tried it, then it’s got to be worth a visit. Remember – they have PCs you can hire on the day if you don’t feel inclined to bring your own.

Main hall, facing the stage at Multiplay's i-Series event. There's nothing else like it in the UK - several thousand gamers all descending on the same place at the same time with one thing in mind.

We will also be focusing on the companies that are prepared to get stuck in and make events like i42 special.

Here’s a little love for the headline sponsors first – Demon Gamer Pro internet and Kick energy drinks.

Making an event like i42 happen takes a lot of work. The guys at Demon and Kick are helping to share the load - well played to the visionary chaps running their marketing departments!

KitGuru says: We will be reporting on all the cool stuff from Multiplay i42 over the Easter Bank Holiday next weekend.

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