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Real life street fighter with The Bullying Experiment on YouTube

We’re not in the habit of linking up any old YouTube videos, but something will land on YouTube inside the next 24 hours that is likely to be a phenomenon and we wondered where you stand on the issue of bullying?  KitGuru links up the tricky situations.

UPDATE: The promo video that we linked to was pulled down yesterday when the real videos started streaming, so we have updated the link. 

When we’re sat behind our keyboards gaming, we’re all a combination of Jackie Chan, John Wayne and Bruce Willis – no challenge too serious – no odds to great. It’s honour above all else and we never run from a fight.

While we all like to think we’d go marching in – what would you do in reality?

This preview video managed to attract close to half a million views in its first few hours online – and we expect an explosion to follow.

Whether in the street or online, bullying impacts the lives of millions, which brings up the question – What would you do to stop it?

It’s all well and good having lightning-bolt-special-moves in Street Fighter, but the real world is a lot more gritty – with real consequences for any action, including ‘doing nothing’.

KitGuru says: Polling around the office suggests that most KitGuru staff are of the ‘wade right in and sort it out’ breed, but most of us grew up in an era where physical conflict was more readily accepted and – probably – you were less likely to be knifed. How does the keyboard generation stack up?  Where do you stand?

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