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The Tekken franchise has surpassed 50 million copies sold

Tekken is one of the most iconic fighting game franchises, with the series even receiving a Guinness world record for having the “longest-running video game storyline without any substantial development gaps or reboots”. With Tekken 8 on the horizon, the team at Bandai Namco have revealed another major milestone achieved …

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Bandai Namco teases Tekken 8 at Evo 2022

Evo 2022 officially wrapped up after several days of tournaments and exciting fighting game reveals. During the event, Bandai Namco seemed to confirm that Tekken 8 is now on the way.  Following on from the Tekken 7 Global Finals at Evo 2022, Bandai Namco released a new update trailer for …

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The Pokken Tournament arcade controller is huge

Although in the history of gaming there have been a number of bizarre controllers, from the Intellivision's turn wheel and numpad, to the N64's need for three hands, things have settled down in recent years. Sure we may be talking touch controls for VR, but for the most part, gamepads …

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Sony celebrates 20 years of PlayStation

December 1994 was a fateful month in gaming. It represented an end of what had become a two horse race in the home console wars, with Sega and Nintendo battling it out for dominance. Now though, a new player had entered the game: the PlayStation. While the rest of the world …

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