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£250,000 Dying Light ‘My Apocalypse’ Edition announced

Limited and special editions of video games can get out of hand at times but Dying Light may have just taken the crown with its new ‘My Apocalypse' Edition of the open world Zombie title. It costs £250,000 and comes with a house, along with several extras.

There is only one of these editions available and it is exclusive to the UK through retailer GAME. This is a one time deal and right now it is still available. The person crazy enough to buy it will receive four steelbook copies of the game, some professional parkour lessons, ‘exclusive merchandise' and a custom-built, supposedly zombie proof house.


There will be a bit more thrown in, you'll be invited to play a ‘Be The Zombie' match with the developers of the game, you will get a trip to visit Techland in Poland and you will get your face skinned on to a Night-Hunter character model. Dying Light-branded night vision goggles, adult nappies, two Razer Tiamat headsets and a human-sized Volatile figurine will also be thrown in.

Obviously to have your own house custom-built, you would also need some land so in all, it is a pretty expensive buy.

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KitGuru Says: I do wonder if anybody will buy this crazy collectors edition. What do you guys think of this? 

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