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A playable build of Dead Island 2 has leaked online

Throughout this console generation, Deep Silver has been passing the Dead Island 2 project to multiple developers, with the game seemingly getting stuck in development hell each time. Now, a build of the game from 2015, one year after the game was first announced, has leaked onto the internet. 

The build was apparently uploaded and then shared on 4Chan. Normally these 4Chan leaks can be disregarded but it turns out, this one is completely legit. The build of Dead Island 2 is dated June 2015, meaning it was the last iteration of the game being worked on at Yager before the project was moved to a new studio.

Several videos of gameplay from the leaked build have been posted to YouTube, giving us a look at how the game was shaping up five years ago. Eurogamer has confirmed this build of the game as legitimate too, and has verified that it was a build crafted by Yager, best known for Spec Ops: The Line.

Shortly after the June 2015 build, Yager and Deep Silver parted ways over creative differences and Dead Island 2 has been in the hands of Dambuster Studios ever since. With that in mind, the version of Dead Island 2 floating around at the moment won't be the same as what eventually comes out.

KitGuru Says: This is a very interesting turn of events, after all, it is not often that a playable build of an unreleased or cancelled version of a game leaks like this. Deep Silver will likely have a few words to say about the matter in a couple of days time. 

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