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Activision PC game sales are outpacing console sales

Call of Duty is a massive seller every year but for the most part, console versions beat out the PC version in sales. That might be starting to change, as Activision's latest earnings report shows. 

Activision's latest earnings report shows that PC sales outperformed console sales between January and the end of March this year. The company made a total of $639 million through sales on consoles, versus $666 million made on the PC platform.

This is a particularly interesting shift, as AAA games typically do tend to sell better on consoles. As PCGamer points out, Activision's own public financial reports show that it has primarily made most of its money on console for decades, even after acquiring Blizzard in 2008.

Microsoft will no doubt be pleased to hear this, as the company is currently looking to boost its PC gaming efforts and grow Game Pass on the PC platform. If the company can push its acquisition of Activision Blizzard through, then it will see a good boost across console, PC and mobile game sales.

KitGuru Says: Do you think PC will continue on this trend, or do you think console game sales will eventually take back the top spot? 

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