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Ad agency launches crowd funding campaign to get Valve to make Half-Life 3

An advertising agency has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise up to $150,000 to pester Valve employees with ‘we want Half-Life 3’ advertisements and Gabe Newell lookalikes, in an effort to get the company to finish the game. This isn’t the first time someone has tried to launch a Half-Life 3 campaign recently either, an aspiring indie game creator previously launched a campaign to create Valve’s long sought after sequel under a different name.

Two employees from marketing agency, McKee Wallwork & Co, Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, are responsible for the campaign but claim that they have the support of the firm in this endeavor. As with most crowd-funding campaigns, this one is filled with stretch goals, at $3000, the company will launch an AdWord campaign, specifically targeted at all Valve employees, so that every time they Google themselves, they will be presented with a ‘We want Half-Life 3’ ad.

HL3 Billboard

At $9000, a mobile billboard will be rented, plastered with Half-Life 3 imagery and parked outside of Valve’s HQ. At $45,000, in addition to the other goals, the agency will hire some Gabe Newell lookalikes to wear Half-Life 3 t-shirts and walk right in to Valve.

The final stretch goal is $150,000, if this one if hit then a ‘Half-Life’ concert will be thrown at a venue in Seattle. Backers will get thank you letters, Half-Life 3 pins and t-shirts.

The entire plan is to essentially harass Valve with advertisements and fake Gabe Newell actors in an effort to get them to say something about Half-Life 3, or at least acknowledge what they already know, the fact that we want the game.

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KitGuru Says: I don’t see this campaign taking off, targeting Valve employees with ads isn’t going to get them to release Half-Life 3. What do you guys think of this idea? Stupid or genius? 


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