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AI-assisted Call of Duty cheat for PC and console targeted by Activision

Activision is no stranger to cheaters in its games, with Call of Duty being a target of cheat makers each year due to its popularity. Recently, a new kind of cheat was discovered, using machine learning and automatic input commands to allow aimbot on consoles. As you would expect, Activision is already trying to crack down on this new form of cheat.

The cheat was made public by channels on YouTube, some of which were promoting the cheat, as well as the Anti-Cheat Police Department twitter account. The cheat itself runs on a PC, relying on a capture card to monitor the video feed coming from a console, alternatively, the cheat could also be used playing the PC version of a game.

Using machine learning, the cheat sends an input to the controller whenever it sees a valid target, so you could theoretically just run around in Call of Duty multiplayer and the cheat will do all the shooting and aiming for you. Given that the cheat could bypass console security in this way, it is a top priority for Activision to get on top of.

Activision has now begun issuing DMCA takedown notices for promotional videos advertising the cheat and will be looking to get the site issuing the cheats shut down too.

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KitGuru Says: It is good that Activision is already aware of this. Warzone can already be bad enough at times. 

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