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Ubisoft to crack down on cheats in The Division

The Division beta kicked off over the weekend and in that time, the development team managed to gain some pretty good feedback. However, quite a few cheats in the PC version were also uncovered during the weekend-long test and while it was frustrating for players to deal with at the …

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Valve can now ban you from non VAC protected games

Valve is opening up the Steam platform even more for developers, allowing them to report hackers and cheaters directly to Valve, who can then block access to a specific title on your account. This means that Valve can now ban you for cheating in non VAC protected games. Valve announced …

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Gabe Newell denies Valve collecting browser data

The past 48 hours have been a hotbed of roiling trust issues over in the Reddit Steam community, as one user claimed to have proof that Valve’s anti-cheating software, VAC, was sending browsing history data back to Valve servers and effectively tracking all Steam gamers. However, now Gabe Newell, Valve’s …

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