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Almost a third of Nintendo Switch owners have bought Super Mario Odyssey

Last Friday, Nintendo had its biggest first-party game launch of the year, with Super Mario Odyssey landing on the Nintendo Switch. The game has already impressed critics and now, it also seems to be impressing a good chunk of the Nintendo Switch user-base as almost a third of Switch owners have bought Odyssey during its first weekend.

To be more specific, Super Mario Odyssey has sold two million copies in just three days. This estimation from Nintendo accounts for both physical and digital sales. Right now, just over seven million people own a Switch, so around a third of owners already have the game, with more to come as we delve deeper into the holiday season.

In the UK, Super Mario Odyssey’s launch numbers pin it as the biggest Switch launch so far, beating out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. By comparison, since launching six months ago, Zelda has sold around 5 million copies.

According to yesterday’s financial report from Nintendo, the company is now expecting the Switch to completely outsell the Wii U within its first year. First year sales expectations have risen from 10 million units to 14 million.

KitGuru Says: My copy of Super Mario Odyssey will be arriving later today, so I’m looking forward to seeing what all of the fuss is about this time around. Have any of you picked up Odyssey already? Have you been enjoying it?

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