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Amazon’s MMO ‘New World’ delayed again

Amazon has been attempting to break into the games industry for a long time now with its own internal game studios. Most projects have been cancelled, but New World, the company's ambitious MMO, has managed to avoid that fate. Development hasn't been completely without trouble though, as it has been delayed several times already, with another delay being announced this week. 

Amazon Game Studios has delayed New World for a third time this week. Now, the MMO is due to come out on the 31st of August, pushing it out of the Spring 2021 launch window. Previously, the game was set to release last Summer.

In the latest development update, Amazon Game Studios claims that all of this extra development time has allowed for “compelling end-game features” to be available at launch, in addition to “substantial improvements” to quest variety, combat, crafting and other mechanics.

New World will continue to host closed alpha tests. Then, a closed beta will take place in July 2021 for pre-order customers. If all goes well, the game will launch at the end of August.

KitGuru Says: MMOs are a huge undertaking for any studio, especially a new one like Amazon Game Studios. Still, many years of development have gone into this, so hopefully it lives up to expectations when it eventually releases. 

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