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System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will have full VR support

Nightdive Studios has been quietly working away on System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for a couple of years now alongside a complete remake of the original System Shock. One of the big bonuses coming with System Shock 2's remaster is VR support, which the developers have now confirmed after initially teasing earlier this year.

Back in January, Nightdive Studios teased VR support with a picture of the game being played with a VR controller. This was all in testing at the time, but now the developers are confident that they can indeed deliver full VR support for the game.

Speaking with IGN, Nightdive CEO, Stephen Kick, explained: “During the process of reverse-engineering the missing libraries for System Shock 2, we had an opportunity to play around with the idea of creating a standalone VR version, and so we brought on a VR expert to look about the cod and give us a brief idea of what kind of things we could do.”

The game will be fully playable in VR once it releases. This includes co-op gameplay, which is also cross-platform, so one player can be on a PC, while the other is wearing a VR headset. The team is also paying special attention to ensure this isn't viewed as a ‘tacked-on feature' by fleshing out the VR experience with specific mechanics. That includes freedom of movement, manual gun reloading and other features. The team is looking at Half-Life: Alyx for inspiration here, which is a great place to start, as Valve's VR flagship title is perhaps the best shooter currently available in VR.

KitGuru Says: I've been needing new single-player games like this to play on my VR headset, so this is exciting news. Are any of you looking forward to the System Shock 2 remaster? Is VR support going to be a selling point for you?

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