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ARK: Survival Evolved modding contest offers $25,000 in prizes

ARK: Survival Evolved released just a couple of months ago and it has already gone on to be one of the biggest games of the year. Last month, the team behind Ark teamed up with Epic Games to launch new modding tools for the Unreal Engine 4 based game and now, Wildcard Studios is trying to tempt modders in to creating with some big prizes.

Ark now has a modding competition running, where creators can make new items, maps, game modes or whatever comes to mind and submit it for judging. The public will also be able to vote on mods, so winning over the gamers is a must here.


The winning mod creator will get $15,000 as well as an Alienware Area-51 PC with a GTX 980Ti inside. Second place will get $5000 and the same Alienware PC, though this time with a GTX 960 instead. Finally, the third place winner gets $2500 and an Nvidia GTX 960 GPU.

Ark has already gone on to sell well over a million copies at this point and so far, that money is going to good use. Just last week the studio put on a massive ‘survival of the fittest’ tournament on Twitch featuring quite a few popular streamers in order to promote its new ‘hunger games’ or battle royale style game mode. Additionally, Wildcard Studios is offering cash bounties to those who fancy searching around for any in-game exploits and reporting them.

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KitGuru Says: While at first I got a little bored of Ark, the game has since grown on me quite a bit. I’ve found myself playing it pretty often so far this month and the new game mode should spice things up a bit. Do any of you own Ark on Steam? Have you been playing it at all? 

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